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Badminton Restringing Price List

80 High Street, Shepperton, Middx TW17 9AU Tel 01932 225718

  • Racket restringing is available on the premises. We can therefore offer a Next day service.
  • We keep a selection of strings in stock but are happy to order alternatives if needed.
  • We have a range of replacement grips and over grips and are happy to fit these for you. (Free of charge)

Every racket has a sweet spot.This is an area which produces the best results from contact with the shuttle. The lower the tension the bigger the sweet spot. Therefore a beginner benefits from a lower tension but as a player becomes more consistent they need a faster response off the strings and more power. A higher tension gives more control. However it is worth mentioning that a tight tension stretches the string and makes it less durable.

Suggested Tension

Beginner 16-18 lb, Intermediate 18-20 lb, Advanced 20 -22 lb, County 23-25 lb



A durable, mutifilament string with increased elasticity giving extra feel. Gauge 0.70 mm

ASHAWAY FLEX 21 £24.00

A powerful,responsive multifilament string, great for players who want a high tension. Gauge 0.75mm

YONEX NANOGY 98 £26.00

Top of yonex range, a gold multifilament string with great power and feel for enhanced shuttlecock flight performance. Gauge 0.66mm


The ultimate string with excellent power, feel and playability. Gauge 0.75mm.

Grommet replacement from £2

The gauge relates to the measured diameter of the string.