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New School Skirt

School letter 5th April

As from September 2019 students will be required to wear school skirts that are at the knee or below (to allow for growth).  This is to ensure consistency with our uniform expectations, therefore the allowance of “5cm above the knee” will no longer apply.  Students whose skirts are above the knee will be required to purchase a new skirt for the new school year starting in September.  Shepperton Sports and Ski are aware of the amendments to the school uniform policy and have ensured us that they have skirts ready for purchase in advance of September.

Compulsory for girls in years 7-11 (Unless they wish to wear tailored, traditional school trousers)
Black bespoke semi-pleated skirt with a drop waist and red piping only available from the approved supplier
Please note; if the skirt purchased does not meet this requirement we will happily exchange any unworn skirt. Please also remember your daughter will grow and this should be taken into consideration when deciding length.